PRODUCTS - Kudret Eko-Maxi
Kudret Brick Co., proudly presents a new composite product that was built together with the research and development efforts of TUKDER (Turkey Brick and Tile Association).
The new product, produced and marketed with Kudret Eko-Maxi Brand, is designed for first 3 thermo-areas of our country and became the best performaning brick wall material in Turkey. For the application, 16 products per m2 is used on the wall and this product reaches the maximum isolation level when it is bonded with Clayfix (lightweight mortar) produced by Kudret Brick Co. with 998-2 standard. This way, the product helps create appropriate wall U levels without applying thermal sheating to 1st, 2nd and 3rd thermo-areas.

Kudret Eko-Maxi is used with Clayfix lightweight mortar.

You may find the UTO documents of Kudret Eko-Maxi below. Please click on the links to see the original documents.

Kudret Eko-Maxi can be used at 3 main thermo-zones alone on the wall. Relevant metrics are registered as 692 and 693 numbered products under Environment and Urban Ministry Heat Isolation Program BEP-TR. You can use this information at your heat projects.

With our product having maximum levels at heat isolation; you can create environmentally conscious, good thermal performing and economic building solutions with lower prices. 

Kudret Eko-Maxi can be bonded very easily. You can also get the bonding mortar from us.

Kudret Eko-Maxi maximum isolation, maximum winning.