PRODUCTS - Special Products

Kudret Tugla A.S. verges to different products in parallel with the demands of the Construction Sector and overseas exports. Below you will find information regarding these products.

Our company will be able to assist you for all types of clay  units and composite products possible to be manufactured in the parallel to the demands of consumers.

LENTIL BRICKS whose information is given below can also be sent only as brick.  You will be able to perform your own lintel on your construction by this brick whose design is intended for resistance and being much more lighter than concrete and that has much better heat isolation values.

If you want to purchase as ready, we have the capability of making your productions ranging from 1 meter to 3 meters by COMPOSITE LENTIL that is made as composite with iron and concrete. The relevant product is manufactured at TS EN 845-2 TSE standard and with CE label.

  • Lentil Brick
    Type (Ts En 771-1): Category II-LD Weight (kg): 3,2 Dimensions: 20*19*13,5 cm Pressure Resistance: 1 N/mm2 Order Code: LNTTUG Thermal Conductivity Value (λh): 0,32 W/mK Wall Thickness: 19 cm Density: 600 kg/m3 Units Per m2: 5 unit/m
  • Composite Lentil

    Product Type ( EN 845-2) :Composite Lentil

    Loading Capasity: 7,3 kN

    Bending:  8mm. for 3,2 kN

    Field Mass: 250 kg/m2

    We can produce between 1m-3m of lenght.

  • 8,5 cm Brick (Thick Type)
    Type (Ts En 771-1): Category I - LD Weight (kg): 2,25 Dimensions: 19*8,5*19 cm Pressure Resistance: 3,5 N/mm2 Order Code: SEB800 Thermal Conductivity Value (λh): 0,32 W/mK Wall Thickness: 8,5 cm.-19 cm. Density: 800 kg./m3 Units Per m2: ( 25-62 )